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Sea Tower Filter – Single (1 Pack)

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Experience unparalleled clarity in your aquatic adventures with the Sea Tower’s interchangeable colored lenses, tailored for every water condition. Proudly made in America, our innovative lenses ensure you capture every moment with precision, whether above or below the surface.

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See Fish Sea Tower Filters

Enhance your Sea Tower experience with our innovative range of interchangeable colored lenses, designed to optimize underwater and aerial viewing in various conditions.

Choose from our selection:

  1. Azure Blue Lens: Ideal for clear, sunny days, this lens reduces glare and enhances visibility in bright conditions, perfect for capturing vibrant, high-contrast footage both above and below the water.
  2. Emerald Green Lens: Excelling in murky or green-tinted waters, this lens helps to filter out the haze, improving clarity and detail for your underwater explorations.
  3. Amber Yellow Lens: This lens is a game-changer for overcast or cloudy days, enhancing contrast and depth perception, making it easier to spot fish and navigate through less-than-clear waters.
  4. Crystal Gray Lens: A go-to for all-around use, this lens offers a balanced view, maintaining true-to-life colors and clarity in a variety of environments.

Each lens is easy to switch, allowing you to adapt swiftly to changing conditions and ensuring that you always have the best view possible, whether you’re scoping out a potential catch or surveying the landscape from above.
With these specialized lenses, the Sea Tower becomes not just a tool, but a gateway to a vivid and clear view of your aquatic adventures

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 in

Amber Yellow, Azure Blue, Crystal Gray, Emerald Green

1 review for Sea Tower Filter – Single (1 Pack)

  1. Rick Galante

    In my 100% unbiased and professional opinion: These lens packs are the bee’s knees.

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